Friday Finds, Take 3: Spotify, Books, and a Travel App

I hope that you had nice week! We got home this past Monday from our trip to Northern Michigan and headed out again on Thursday for another 3-day trip. It may be a sign that we need to slow down when our 4-year old writes at preschool that the thing that is special about his family is when we “stay home for a couple of whiles.” After this weekend, our travel will slow down and we will have more time at home to do all of the fun fall activities that Michigan offers (and maybe even write some travel blog posts). In the meantime, here are a few of the things that may be worth checking out …

open road

Spotify. Obviously this is not a new thing. I, of course, did just discover it though. I’ll admit, my husband has all of the good music on his phone, which works out great when we are blue-toothing it in the car. But, sometimes, I do like to listen to music when I’m not around him. Sometimes, I also need a small break from the 80’s music that is on a constant stream. Just like those doling out the awards at the Emmy’s, I was also a fan of SNL this past season. I enjoyed quite a few of the musical guests, but, of course, cannot remember anyone’s name or the name of the songs. While searching for this information, I discovered Spotify. While there are many features of this app that I am certain I do not know how to navigate, I love that I could search “SNL songs” and easily find an album containing songs from 1975-2016. Since I wasn’t around just yet in 1975 and then listened only to tapes and cds until about 1998, there were plenty of songs that I didn’t recognize. However, I could easily make a playlist that included my favorite SNL songs from the Spotify album. Done and done. (I just love how easy this was. If I can do it, really anyone can.)

To plan or not to plan

While we are talking apps, I was excited to learn about the Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator. I will definitely be downloading this one. Not only does this app calculate cost based on where you are headed, but it also makes a prediction of the final cost based on the kind of traveler you are. And, if you are over budget, you can just adjust different categories like “Accommodation” or “Nightlife.” What a smart idea!

The Nordic Theory of Everything

Now, let’s go back in time and talk about books. Like the kind with the paper pages that you turn 🙂 I recently purchased The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life by Anu Parten. I am only about a dozen or so pages in, but I can tell you that the comparisons between life in the USA and life in the Nordic region are intriguing. I’d love it if you read along with me!

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

While we are talking books, Peaceful Parent, HAPPY KIDS by Dr. Laura Markham was an excellent read. As with all parenting methods and parenting books, it seems almost impossible to do all of the things all of the time. However, this book offers practical guidance and explains the science behind the suggestions. Although this book is not directly related to travel, I found it extremely helpful when returning from a long weekend in helping to reconnect quickly with my children, be more empathetic, and put aside my own agenda of laundry and groceries to reconnect with them. It is a book that I return to often for parenting reminders.

What have you discovered this week? Any fun travel apps or travel advice you plan to try out? 

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6 thoughts on “Friday Finds, Take 3: Spotify, Books, and a Travel App”

  1. Cool finds, Marta! I’m still ignorant about Spotify…but very intrigued about the parenting book you mention – Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids. Have a great weekend!

  2. I am currently reading The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life as I love Nordic culture. Gets a bit boring in places then suddenly something will pop up and fascinates me!

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