Where to Eat When Visiting Paradise Island

We have been to Paradise Island several times. While it seems that the majority of restaurant options are in Atlantis, we have found several alternatives. So, if you feel like venturing off the resort grounds (which isn’t far since the entire island is something like 4 miles long and half a mile wide) or are not staying at Atlantis and don’t feel like walking over, here are some options.

Margaritaville- Yes, as in Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. This restaurant has a covered /uncovered outdoor feel. There are fun outdoor games to play and even a cute swim-up bar pool to cool off in. As I’m sure you have gathered, the vibe is extremely relaxed with great views of the harbour from the Paradise Island side. The food was good, and there was a children’s menu, which is always a plus. Our kids thought it was particularly awesome that their food was served on a souvenir frisbee- it’s the little things in life. There was a dj playing music throughout the night which kept things feeling lively (many songs reminded us of our younger college basement party days- fun for us, slightly inappropriate for the kids).

Viola’s- Viola’s is a staple in our family. If you like relaxed, outdoor, kid-friendly eating this is the place for you. I would also venture to say that the prices are some of the best on the island. Again, this is a good place for eating with kids; it is away from the road and the staff and patrons of the Sunrise Beach Club don’t seem to mind if you walk around the grounds.

The Green Parrot- I have not tried this but my dad loves it, most likely due to the local feel it emits. I’m also guessing that the prices are reasonable. The restaurant is basically two small buildings with a covered seating area complete with a bar in between. It also has great views of the Harbour and bridges. 

Dunkin Donuts- We love a good cup of Dunkin:) My husband and I went for a run every morning. After running to the top of the bridge, our reward, aside from the gorgeous view shown below, was a cup with cream for the walk home (and sometimes some donuts for the family too). Just be ready to wait. As with most places on the island, this Dunkin is definitely on island time (but no one seems to mind- that is the point, after all- no where to go, no where to be).

Dali Modernistic Tapas (in Nassau)- the food was amazing!  If you are in Nassau for the day, this would be a great stop. It is a Spanish-style restaurant, but they also serve traditional Bahamian fare such as conch fritters and fish and chips. This restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Just something to keep in mind, the downtown of Nassau shuts down fairly early, so if you are coming over from Paradise Island, this may be a Blue Plate Special kind of night.

Dune- This is my MUST of the vacation. Get ready to pay an extraordinary price for a glass of Pinot, but it is worth it! This bar/restaurant is located on the grounds of The One and Only, which, in and of itself, is worth the prices. Moreover, Dune is decorated perfectly, is immaculate, the servers are professional and friendly, and the ocean views are stunning. We usually end up just getting drinks and appetizers at the bar but the restaurant is stunning with a french-asian flair (my absolute favorite combination) and run by Executive Chef, JEAN-GEORGES VONGERICHTEN.

Because there should always be a “next time”:

There are two restaurants on my list:

1) If you ask anyone from the island where to eat, Cafe Matisse will most certainly be mentioned. This is a nicer restaurant in Nassau, so it is likely more of a Date Night kind of place than a my-four-year-old-just-baptized-himself-in-the-Harbour kind of place.

2) Brunch at the Club House on The Ocean Club Golf Course (I believe that this is owned by Atlantis)- the golf course and surrounding houses are gated on Paradise Island. However, rumor has it that you can take a cab through the gate (you may not walk) if you have a reservation for breakfast. This seems mysterious enough that I will definitely be trying it on our next trip.

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