6 Kid-Friendly, Rainy Day Activities in Boston





Mackinaw Road Cheers

The crew and I made it to Boston. We were so excited to see the sights and walk the city… And then it got cloudy…and sprinkled…and rained. The Freedom Trail and all that goes with it was out. The Duck Tours were possible but not probable for us. Whale watching seemed considerably less desirable. Wandering down Boylston and Newbury Streets was unlikely. So, here is the list of 6 things we did in Boston with our children on our rainy day(s) trip.

Mackinaw Road- Quincy Market

Quincy Market– an indoor market full of really good food options, including food you can purchase to go and then sit in the center dome to eat. There are also a few restaurants in the marketplace, including Cheers… you know, just in case you are feeling especially touristy (as we usually are). Also surrounding the marketplace are different clothing and retail stores.

Mackinaw Road-Boston Public Gardens

Public Garden– When it is nice and in season, you are able to ride the pedal-propelled Swan boats. Unfortunately, we were not “in season.” However, the children thought it was fun to find the island from the book, Make Way for the Ducklings, as well as climbing all over the statues of Mrs. Mallard and her eight ducklings. If it isn’t raining, it is also fun to walk up Beacon Hill just across from the garden. (Side Note: Click on the link above to purchase the book from Amazon before your trip. Disclosure: I may get an advertising reward but I really would have recommended the book regardless.)

Mackinaw Road- Curious George

World’s Only Curious George Store– If you do brave the elements and take the T   (subway) to Harvard Square, be sure to check out The World’s Only Curious George Store. Although somewhat small, it is packed with all the things kids love. These storeowners know what kids like. And, while in the neighborhood, be sure to check out Russell House Tavern. The ambiance and food are beautiful!

(Just a quick aside…Remember how I mentioned the T a while back? Well, I have a tip. Children 11 years old and under ride the T for free when accompanied by an adult with up to 2 children per adult. We were told this after buying 2 round-trip tickets for our children. Lesson leaned.)

Mackinaw Road- Children's Museum

Boston Children’s Museum– I cannot say enough good things about the Boston Children’s Museum. I remembered it being amazing as a child. And, believe me, as an adult with my own children, it was equally amazing. You may even want to go here on a sunny day! Children learn about the arts, science, and culture all while having fun. There are even prompt cards at some exhibits for parents about things to look for, questions to ask your children, and conversations to listen for from your children. We spent 4 hours at the museum and could have stayed longer. There is even a large lunchroom if you bring your own lunch or you can walk through a small area to Au Bon Pain, eat, and then re-enter the museum. If you are looking for a deal, check out their website. When we were there, admission on Friday nights was only $1. Also, if you go for the last hour they are open on any other day, admission is discounted by half.

Mackinaw Road- New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium Again, this is great on a rainy day because you can spend a good portion of the day here. There are also in-and-out privileges, so you are able to leave to grab a bite to eat (there is a Legal Seafood very near to the front entrance of the museum that is kid friendly) if don’t feel like eating in-house, and then head back for more fun with the sea. Our children’s favorite exhibits were the hands-on exhibits. We literally had to drag them away from these exhibits. There is also a huge tank in the center of the museum that spans four stories containing various sea creatures. The penguins were a lively bunch on the day we visited and another favorite attraction. A final tip is to leave your stroller at the free stroller check-in counter. The Aquarium can be quite crowded, especially on a rainy day, so if you don’t absolutely need your stroller, leave it. It will make navigating the four floors easier.

And, there you have it, 6 Kid-Friendly, Rainy Day Activities in Boston.

*Please note that I may be compensated through some of the above links.


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