Travel-Inpsired Design

Do you ever travel and want to buy everything you see? I do. I always have to remind myself that everything needs a place in our house, and, while some items look great in a store, they will not look quite as fabulous in our home. Our house decor is generally calming; at least, that is what I am trying to achieve. There is enough activity in our lives that I’d like our home to be a quiet place of retreat. As much as I love the bright street art, the numerous pictures we take of our travel, and different memorabilia we see along the way, I just need our home to have relaxed colors and patterns. As such, I try to keep our travel decorations a bit more subtle. Of course, I do mix in some obvious travel-inpsired designs into our home, but I also buy items that are maybe only relevant to our family; it is our little secret. Or, sometimes I find design items in stores in our town, that remind me of a place we once traveled to, maybe even just through a vibe they give off. Read on for examples of how I try to achieve this.