Friday Finds on Mackinaw Road: Local Lens, Ornaments, Snapseed, and a Drink (or 3)

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I hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying a new adventure or just some cozy time at home…

Christmas Table

As you are planning your 2018 trips (perhaps you are motivated by this 0 degree weather as I am), don’t forget to check out all of the Island Travel Interviews here from last year. Where would you like to go in 2018?

If you are shy and a 100% introvert like myself, it is painful to have to yell at a stranger and then ask them to wait for you to wrangle up your kids, take your family’s photo… and then find out the photo is of your feet (true story). Did you you know that you can hire an onsite local photographer while you are traveling? And did you know that it is even easier to find a photographer and competitive pricing through Local Lens?  A friend who traveled to Germany this past summer set up a mini photo session through Local Lens (check them out here) and the photos were amazing! This seems perfect for a future Christmas card shot, above the mantle photo, or even a capture-the-moment engagement picture.

While you are traveling in 2018, don’t forget to get your Christmas ornament souvenirs (see this and other suggestions in this post). I think my sister-in-law gets the same look from this artist each year- this years’ was Washington D.C.  (You can check out that trip here). As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about them breaking in your suitcase on the way home from the trip. And as a plus, plus– if you are a little OCD about your tree being coordinated, it’s great to have ornaments from different places that are still similar to one another. 

The app, Snapseed, is my new favorite editing app. There are so many different options for editing. There is a LOOKS option for pre-made edits, which can be a good starting point. You can also use the TOOLS option for more individual edits such as tuning, details, curves, perspective, etc. I like to use the TOOLS option but occasionally will just go to LOOKS and use the option for my LAST EDITS if the photo has similar lighting and composition as my previous edited photo. Lightroom is still likely my go-to editing tool when I am by my computer, but Snapseed is a close second and is great for editing while traveling.

Places to Eat in Grand Rapids
Nonna’s AFTER

(And, yes, if you are in Grand Rapids/Ada, you definitely should check out Nonna’s Trattoria, not only for their food but also for their lattes. Perhaps even more impressive is that they have mastered the beautiful combination of cozy, trendy and classic in their decor.) 

Photo credit- Lark by Kate Bolt

Don’t forget to reference the delightfully delicious batch cocktail recipes from last year’s collaboration with Living Lark here as you create your NYE menu. They are perfect for all-sized parties!

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Where to Eat in Grand Rapids

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