Friday Finds (Take 1)

Welcome to the first installment of Friday Finds, aka my excuse to be Random!

It is looking like another beautiful, slightly colder, weekend in Michigan. As such, my first random recommendation is to hit up Mt. Baldhead in Saugatuck. We took our kiddos last weekend, and we all had a fantastic day. Here is the gist: you climb up many, many, many stairs to discover spectacular views of Saugatuck and the Kalamazoo River. Next, you hike down a dune which leads to Oval Beach where there is plenty of sand, walking, and a swing set; there may even have Saugatuck, Michiganbeen some giggle-infested stick fights on our trip. When you are finished at the beach, climb back up the dune, take one last look at the views, and climb back down the stairs. We ended the afternoon with some beer for us and mac ‘n cheese for the kids at Wick’s Park, one of our favorite places to eat with kids in Saugatuck.

My second random recommendation is to check out Lole in Gaslight Village in East Grand Rapids. I’m not sure why but I am always shocked when it snows in Michigan and find myself scrambling because I am unprepared. Trying to makeFriday Finds Lole this year different, I decided to check out Lole for a ski jacket. They are having a promotion for which you bring in an old jacket (men’s, women’s, or children’s) and they will give you $50 off a new coat. The old coats are listed on minitradeca and proceeds in the United States go to Ample Harvest. Check out your Lole coat choices ahead of time here. Oh, and by the way, there is even a section just for Lifestyle & Travel!!!

My third random recommendation is a restaurant. If you happen to be in Friday Finds Wheelhousedowntown Grand Rapids or are even driving through, check out Wheelhouse. Their food is delicious (we had the duck sandwich and crab cake sandwich), the setting is modern, and the waitstaff is great, too.




My final recommendation is to go for a hike~ yes, again! It isn’t going to be nice like this forever. Check out Calvin College’s Eco Preserve. There areEco Preserve trails as well as a center to check out seasonal displays. It is so peaceful and fairly easy to navigate.

There you have it~ pure randomness!

Hope you have a very happy weekend!!!

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