Holiday Gift List for Your Traveler- Photography Edition

Happy Holidays! This post is coming a little late but for those who are still scrambling to pick out those last minute gifts (as I am), here are some ideas for your Traveler/Photographer.

I am currently in the midst of trying to make several photo books, etc. and am incredibly grateful and frustrated with ALL OF THE PHOTOS to choose from and my lack of organization. Remember the days when you took just one photo per event, dropped off the film, picked up the photos a week later, and immediately stuck them into a photo book. Easy peasy. Those times are long gone, but here are some fun photo gifts that your Travel Photographer (amateur or professional) may be happy to unwrap.

Travel Gifts | Photography
Photo Credit- Pixabay

The Fujifilm Instax Camera. This camera immediately pushes out a self-developing print (Just like the good old days!). Perfect to hang on the fridge for an instant reminder of a trip. Some of the camera styles are a bit too whimsical for my style, but this one looks classic and very traveller-esque to me.

I mentioned Chatbooks a few posts back but feel that they are worth mentioning again here. If your Traveler is also a Post-er (as in he/she posts photos fairly regularly to Instagram or Facebook), Chatbooks is a nice way to get your photos out of your camera/social media account and into a physical book. For every 60 photos that you post, Chatbooks automatically sends you a photo book. They also have stylish covers from designers like Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co. 

Chatbooks to Document Travel Travel Gifts | Photography
Photo Credit- Chatbooks

Another way to display your travel photos almost immediately is through a photo frame like this Nixplay WiFi Photo Frame. Or, there is also this less expensive version with fewer bells and whistles but the main idea is the same. You can even share to other people’s frames (maybe don’t send photos from Bali to your family in Michigan in February, though).

While we are talking about photo organization and loading, I just recently learned about WiFi Enabled SD Memory Cards that allow you to take photos with your DSLR and immediately send them to your smartphone, computer, or tablet, taking that “loading” step out of the equation. Perfect to save time when you are getting ready for your next adventure. Check one out here

Travel Gifts | Photography
Photo Credit Pixabay

Lightroom. I love it. Admittedly, I’m quite certain that I am only using about 20% of the available functions, but I feel that it really does make a difference in both travel and everyday photos. With the side-by-side comparison while editing, you can immediately see that your time is well spent. And it starts at only $9.99 per month. You can look at the various options here

Holiday Gift Guide | Travel | Photography
Photo Credit- Moment Lens

Moment Lens. Easy and convenient to attach to your phone when on the go. The wide angle lens has served me well this past year and makes my phone photos noticeably better. 

Already have your gifts bought? Here is a pin for future holiday/gift reference 🙂

Holiday Gift Guide | Travel | Photography
Photo Credit- Pixabay

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Friday Finds on Mackinaw Road, Take 10: Vintage Travel Magazines, Chatbooks, and a Travel-Related Gift

Happy Friday (again)! I have to admit that I really do look forward to these Friday Finds on Mackinaw Road days. I hope you do too!


I also have to admit that almost all of these finds happened two weeks ago, but there was just so much to share around the Thanksgiving holiday that I decided to save it for this week.

Vintage Travel

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m already nervous I am going to forget someone’s gift. Luckily, the parents are taken care of with tickets to shows and sporting events and I have most of the other gifts too. I was visiting a friend to pick up a cake she made for my mom’s birthday (it was nothing short of amazing!!!). Her house had so many of my favorite things including lots and lots of books and travel relics tastefully placed throughout. This particular personalized wall art captured my attention… How perfect is this for the travelers in your life? Now, since my entire family travels… Continue reading Friday Finds on Mackinaw Road, Take 10: Vintage Travel Magazines, Chatbooks, and a Travel-Related Gift