Friday Finds on Mackinaw Road: An Airbnb Scheme, Little Bavaria, a Great Escape, and a Family to Follow

Hi All and Happy Friday!

Between Superhero Teacher Appreciation Week and a 5-year old’s birthday (spoiler alert: he didn’t end up getting the 5 golden retriever puppies and 2 adults he originally asked for), this has been a fun week.  Here are a few things more fun things I’ve found…

Airbnb versus Hotel Stays
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This Airbnb scheme that Goats on the Road discovered fascinated me. I guess it just goes to show how vigilant you have to be when on the internet these days. Here’s what I took from their story: Book directly through Airbnb. Do not book through a link sent to you by a person claiming to be the “owner” of the condo who advertised elsewhere. Honestly, though, you will want to read the entire article whether you are new to Airbnb or veterans. Click here

While I had every intention (and still do) to blog about our family trips, it turns out that my husband and I travel as a couple just as often (if not more so) as we travel as a family. If you are as fascinated by Australia as I am and want to follow along with such a genuine, welcoming, thoughtful, and adventurous family who is spending a year there, I’d recommend A Traveling Tribe. Follow along as Megan and Alan and their four sweet kiddos spend a year down under. 

What to do in Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth, Michigan. This was my first visit to the town also known as Little Bavaria that houses Bronner’s, a store claiming to be “the World’s Largest Christmas Store.”  Frankenmuth is steeped in German history and famous family style chicken dinners (so come hungry!). We went to celebrate a birthday and check out Zehnder’s Snowfest, one of North America’s top snow and ice sculpting happenings. The Bavarian Inn of Frankenmuth boasted several pools and waterslides as well as a game area that was perfect for our trip with kids. It was a short walk across the covered wooden bridge (Michigan’s largest) to the adorable town. Travel Tip: While the snow festival was fascinating with crowded streets, large tents, smells of roasted cinnamon almonds, and husky puppies to pet, it may be best for the first time you visit to avoid such a weekend as I feel that we completely missed being able to taken in the full charm of the village (and were stuck in traffic on the two-lane road into town for a good 45 minutes).

What to do in Frankenmuth, Michigan

While in Frankenmuth, we also happened upon the Great Lakes Escape Game, which was perfect for our group of eight. I’d recommend this to anyone anywhere and the staff is happy to help you choose the best theme for your group (i.e., nothing too scary since we were with kids). If you are worried about feeling claustrophobic, they do leave the doors unlocked (or at least they did when we were there). While we were with family and know each other quite well, this would also be a great team-building/ice breaker exercise to complete with people from work.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! We have soccer, painting, and another birthday dinner on the list.

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What to do in Frankenmuth

BONUS: I just saw on Skyscanner as of this writing (2/8/2018), that there are deals for flights to Australia for just over $1000 out of Chicago. I’m not sure how long the deal will last, so check it out here soon 🙂 A Traveling Tribe, more visitors may be coming your way!

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