Island Travel Interviews: Malaysian Islands, Take 1 (Redang Island)

Welcome back to the Island Travel Interview series! This week we are learning about Redang Island, a Malaysian Island in the South China Sea. Read on as Riz from Lamyerda tells us more about this lovely island.

What to do In Redang (Malaysia)
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Name and Blog Name/URL

Riz Baldivia of

Which Island Will You Be Talking About and Why Did You Choose This Island?

Redang Island, Terengganu Malaysia. Redang Island is one of the wonderful beaches of Malaysia and is popular for turtles, dives and crystal blue water which makes it perfect for an ultimate beach holiday.

How Many Days Would You Recommend Staying on This Island?

3-5 Days would be enough to explore the Island

What is Your Favorite Thing About/Memory From Your Travels to This Island?

One of the most memorable experiences I have in Redang was the boat trip to Kerangga Island where I felt like I had my private little island. Kerangga Island is a kecil (small) island with its pristine white sand bar. The view is to die for!

What is Your “Can’t Miss” Activity on the Island? What activities/opportunities does this island provide?

There so many activities to do in Redang. The island is a popular tourist destination in Terengganu. Due to the rich marine life of the island, snorkeling, diving and even swimming with the turtles is a must! Island hopping is such a great adventure when in Redang and to explore its neighboring islands is definitely an awesome way to complete your holiday. My top 3 island recommendations would be Lima, Paku and Kerangga island. If you’re into hikes and climbs, jungle trekking is also famous in the island that offers scenic and breathtaking views of the island!

What to do on Redang Island
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Best Restaurant/Place to Eat?

There are plenty of restaurant selections in Long b=Beach, however, my top pick would always be the kerangga cafe in Wisana. The food is cooked by the locals. Kerangga is also a perfect way to dine with a view of the Kerangga island itself. Food in Kerangga is only available if you’re booked in the resort. If you prefer to dine in Long Beach, I suggest Aima Grill Fish Restaurant. Its an excellent option for seafood. They served local and international cuisine as well.

What Surprised You About this Island?

Redang Island is one of the famous Islands in Malaysia and to be honest, I had no expectations about the Island. Teluk Kalong Kecil, however, caught me by surprise! It is such a hidden gem. What I love about this little island is that it is not very well known yet, not even to locals.

Any Travel Advice for those considering this island as a destination (e.g., where to stay, ease of getting there, how best to get around, language, money)?

Redang Island is a wonderful Island located in Terengganu in the east coast of the Malay Peninsula. The best time to go to Redang is from March to October when the weather is warm. November -February is monsoon season in Malaysia and all of the island resorts in the state of Terengganu are closed.

Getting to Redang is a long Journey but worth it. You can choose to travel by Air or by Bus and then take the ferry to Redang Island. The best way to get around is through boat and discover hidden beaches around the island. Malaysians are very friendly people and they almost everyone speak english. Atm’s are available in Kuala Terengganu, there is one in Long Beach but I highly recommend to bring cash with you.

What to do in Redang (Malaysia)
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The long beach is very famous for locals and this area is very crowded during the summer. My advice to you is to stay in Wisana Village in Teluk Kecil. It’s the best place to in Redang. Hands down to this lovely Island! For full view of the Resort you can check out:

If my readers want to hear more about your island, do you have a link to your full article?

I bet you are curious about Wisana Village being the hidden gem of Redang. You can visit my post about Wisana Village here:

Thank you so much, Riz! This island looks so relaxing and peaceful- the perfect place to soak up some sun mid-winter!

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What to do on Redang Island
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