Travel Island Interviews: Pacific Ocean Islands, Take 2

Fiji. Just hearing this word conjures up dreamy scenes of clear turquoise waters and beaches for days. Mostly created from volcanic activity, Fiji consists of 330+ islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Juliette and John of Snorkels to Snow share their experience on the beautiful Fiji Island of Tivua.

Island Travel | Fiji
Photo credit- Snorkels to Snow

Name and Blog Name/URL

Juliette and John from Snorkels to Snow


Which Island Will You Be Talking About and Why Did You Choose This Island?

Tivua Island in Fiji. Fiji is made up of over 330 islands so it can be hard to know where to start!

Tivua Island is a beautiful escape and one of our favorite islands to visit while we were living in Fiji.

How Many Days Would You Recommend Staying on This Island?

You only need a couple of nights here to relax and recharge – it’s very remote and small.

Island Travel | Fiji
Photo Credit- Snorkels to Snow

What is Your Favorite Thing About/Memory From Your Trip to This Island?

Scuba diving the MV Raiyawa which is a purpose sunk wreck! It’s awesome to see the beginning of what will become an awesome colorful wreck in future.

What is Your “Can’t Miss” Activity on the Island? What activities/opportunities does this island provide?

Scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling – and generally just relaxing under the coconut trees and looking out to the beautiful white sandy stretches of beach.

Best Restaurant/Place to Eat?

Food is provided as part of the trip to Tivua.

Island Travel | Fiji
Photo Credit- Snorkels to Snow

What Surprised You About this Island?

It’s everything you imagine a remote tropical island to be! Coconut trees, white sandy beaches and the most gorgeous turquoise waters to swim or snorkel in! It’s hard to believe it’s so close to the mainland of Fiji – it feels like you are days away from civilization and other tourists.

Any Travel Advice for those considering this island as a destination (e.g., where to stay, ease of getting there, how best to get around, language, money)?

You’ll need to get a boat from Denarau on the mainland to get to Tivua. You can even hire out the entire island for a private event if you want! You will set sail with Captain Cook Cruises and enjoy the best of Fiji hospitality not only on the boat but of course on the island too. Fijians are the friendliest people on earth! You might even get the chance to participate in a traditional kava ceremony on the boat. Everyone speaks a English in Fiji but it’s good to know a few local words in Fijian such as BULA (hello) and VINAKA (thank you).

Just make sure you pack a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent.  

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