Island Travel Interviews- Mexico, Take 1

With the weather getting colder, I’m dreaming of warmer days and islands. Our Escape Clause is only encouraging these dreams with talk of Isla Holbox.  Isla Holbox is located on the northern end of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Separated from the mainland only by a shallow lagoon, it is about 26 miles long and 0.9 miles wide. Here’s Kate from Our Escape Clause to tell us more…

What to do in Isla Holbox, Mexico
Photo Credit- Our Escape Clause

What Island Will You Be Talking About and Why Did You Choose This Island?

Isla Holbox, Mexico — I fell in love with this island from the moment that I laid eyes on its beach! Just a couple of hours away from Cancun, Isla Holbox feels like a completely different Mexico. Home to almost no cars or paved roads, Isla Holbox is a quiet corner that allows you to remember what the coastal areas of the Yucatan peninsula might have been like before the high-rises and all-inclusive resorts arrived.

How Many Days Would You Recommend Staying on This Island? 

As many as you like! If you enjoy a slow paced life, you could easily enjoy spending a few months here. For an average trip, though, I would recommend about a week: that will give you enough time to hit most of the island’s major attractions while still giving you some time to relax on the beach.

What was your Favorite Thing About/Memory From Your Travels to This Island?

Renting bikes for a day and exploring! We ended up seeing all kinds of quiet corners and nearly deserted sections of beach that we never would have found on foot.

What to do in Isla Holbox, Mexico
Photo Credit- Our Escape Clause

What is Your “Can’t Miss” Activity on the Island? What activities/opportunities does this island provide?

If you visit Isla Holbox during whale shark season, swimming with whale sharks is definitely a must-see! Similarly, during flamingo season, you can’t leave without seeing the beautiful pink birds. If, like us, you’re not there during one of those seasons, there is still plenty to do: taking a long walk to the remote Punta Cocos beach, trying out kite surfing lessons, going horseback riding on the beach, renting bikes and exploring town, kayaking, taking boat trips… for a small island, Isla Holbox packs in a lot of options!

Best Restaurant/Place to Eat?

Our favorite restaurant was our breakfast spot, Limoncito. Located right off the main square, Limoncito offered some of the best value we found on the island: reasonable prices and large portions, plus delicious food.

What to do in Isla Holbox, Mexico
Photo Credit- Our Escape Clause

What Surprised You About this Island? 

This is kind of a random thing, but the dogs! After doing a lot of traveling, we have gotten used to seeing stray and semi-stray dogs everywhere. On Isla Holbox, though, the dogs running around weren’t the average, medium-sized mixes that you see in most places. They made up a huge variety of breeds, from miniature schnauzers to labs!

Any Travel Advice for those considering this island as a destination (e.g., where to stay, ease of getting there, how best to get around, language, money)?

Definitely don’t bother paying for a transfer to get to Isla Holbox! Getting from Playa del Carmen or Cancun to Isla Holbox independently is very easy and felt perfectly safe. Simply take an ADO bus to Chiquila, walk a few hundred meters down the road with everyone else from your bus, hop on a ferry (they leave every 30 minutes), and you’ll arrive! The whole process should take less than four hours.

If my readers want to hear more about your island, do you have a link to your full article?

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What to do in Isla Holbox, Mexico
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  1. Wow! This place looks so beautiful, calm and serene. I can live for months here and never get bored of watching that mermerizing sunset everyday. Love your super awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing this lovely experience! 🙂

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