East Coast Cocktails

East Coast Cocktails Living Lark
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I am so excited about this collaboration post! I have once again been fortunate enough to team with Kate Bolt from Living Lark – this time to share her latest summer drinks. We both recently took road trips with our families out east, so these East Coast Cocktails seemed like a fitting match.

East Coast Drinks Boston
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Summer months immediately bring about feelings of nostalgia. One (or ten) of my fondest memories is our family road trips out East, deciding whether to go the Canada route or the Ohio way to Boston, stopping overnight at a hotel/any hotel with a pool, ending up in Jamaica Plains at my parent’s friends’ house, sleeping on the screened in porch with my brother and the cats, racing to be the first to get to hit the buttons on the alarm system (which was particularly special to kids whose home in rural Michigan was rarely even locked), eating at Doyle’s Cafe, and, of course, exploring the city so rich with history. I love Boston- it is one of my favorite cities. That said, in comparison to midwest living, the people seem to be a little spicy to this small town Michigan girl… everyone is quick on their feet with replies and one liners, no one is going to go out of their way to help you with directions, and you’d better be certain to know exactly what you want to order and have your money out at the food counters. Anyway, aside from a good lager, this Living Lark Jalepeno Fizz seems to be fitting.

East Coast Cocktails Living Lark Jalepeno Fizz
Photo Credit- Bridging Her Story

Jalapeno Fizz

Serves 20 (in a 10 ounce rocks glass filled halfway with ice)

For the Spicy Syrup:

2 c honey

2 c water

1 ½  c lemon juice

2  jalapenos, in ¼ inch slices (about 16 slices total)

Shake and mix this!  Chill in refrigerator (covered) overnight (but not any longer than that or the mixture will be too spicy to drink).  Remove jalapenos before adding champagne.

To the Spicy Syrup add:

10 ½ c sparkling wine (3 x 750 ml bottles)

After mixing the sparkling wine with the Spicy Syrup in a gallon jug, serve… and garnish with 20 quarter-inch slices of jalapeno over ice in a rocks glass.

East Coast Cocktails Maine
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On one trip to Boston, we took a side trip up to Kennebunkport, Maine, where we enjoyed fresh lobster, stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast, and went white water rafting down the Kennebunk River, trekking through Class 5 rapids before stopping for a quick lunch on the river bank and then free floating in the “refreshing” water while the raft and guide floated along side. It was and still is one of my all time favorite travel activities. Overall, my memory of Maine is the clear water and soft sunsets over the boats bobbing in the water. This Rose All Day cocktail by Living Lark reminds me of the sweet crispness that is Maine’s summer.

Living Lark Rose Gimlet
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The Rosé All Day Gimlet

Serves 20 (in a 10 oz. rocks glass filled with ice)

4 cups gin (I prefer Tanqueray Rangpur in this cocktail)

4 cups Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice (buy the 1 Liter size if possible)

8 cups Rosé Wine

3 long stems of mint (no need to pluck leaves from the stem, just clean and place in serving container)

3 limes, cut into  wedges

Combine gin, lime syrup, and wine in a one gallon jug.  When ready to drink pour into a serving pitcher and garnish with mint in the serving vessel and a few lime wedges.  Serve with extra lime wedges on the side for individual glasses.  

East Coast Cocktails NYC
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On another road trip out East, we drove to Connecticut to visit my mom’s college friend and her family. We explored their town, jumping off what was surely a 20+ foot cliff into the clear cool green water below, eating pancakes in the morning, and then taking the train into NYC. I have since been to NYC a few times, the last time with my husband. Each time, there is something new and surprising. We try things we don’t think we’ll like and then can’t stop talking about. People move quickly in this city. This is the perfect cocktail to stir up when you are moving fast all day and want to try something new and surprising with little prep time.

East Coast Cocktails Living Lark Caipirinha
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Serves 16 (in a 10 ounce rocks glass filled halfway with ice)

1 ½ c sugar

3 limes, each cut into 8 wedges

1 ¼ c lime juice

9 c cachaca

4 ½ c club soda

In a wide mouthed pitcher (that can hold 4 cups of liquid or more), and with a wooden spoon, for one minute muddle 1 ½ cups sugar with all of the lime wedges until juicy.  Add 1 ¼ cups lime juice and stir well.  Transfer this mixture to your gallon serving container, and add 9 cups cachaca (yep, 9 cups!) and stir more.  You may have to stir longer than you think you should! Right before guests arrive, add 4 ½ cups club soda and stir well again.

Many thanks to Living Lark for her delicious drink recipes, for her encouragement and support, and for our newfound friendship! And thank you also to my parents and brother for wonderful road trip memories and to my own family for all of the trips we already have in the books with more to come. Finally, I’d like to thank the Academy…. But seriously, isn’t it wonderful when you are surrounded by such wonderful people? I hope you are all enjoying your summer, finding some time to relax and make memories with those you love, sipping on something delicious, and maybe even living on a lark.

East Coast Cocktails
Photo Credit- Bridging Her Story
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Oh, and as always, if you want to pin these fabulous drinks for your next book club or cocktail party, here is a pin 🙂

Living Lark East Coast Cocktails

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