Growing and Decorating with Jasmine



Hello there!

Just a quick little back story. My mother-in-law has always had Jasmine plants in her home. She has grown all of her children a Jasmine plant for their homes. It is really quite beautiful and symbolic. She has grown each of our plants from her own.

Our Jasmine plant is healthy. Very healthy. It grows and grows and grows. I prune and prune and prune. And by “prune,” I mean, I randomly cut branches off of it so it doesn’t look so massive. It is a lot of work for my non-green thumb. It spends a lot of time outside in the summer where it can catch some rainfall and sun and adds to the greenery on our patio. I read that Jasmine is a good purifying plant, so I bought a ceramic pot at a local greenhouse and brought the plant inside as the weather became cooler. But where to put it?

Just another quick aside:  I want to like the look of plants inside so badly.  We live in a house built in the 1920s, so it can use a little purification every now and then. I also want to remember to water the plants and take good care of them. I don’t. As such, having house plants is super intimidating for me.

Anyway, I brought the plant in the house and strategically placed it in our living room in the back by our bookshelves but also where it could get some light from the door going out to the backyard. And basically ignored it.

Then, one night, I fell in love. I was sitting on the couch, typing away. Trying to make this blog a go. And it smelled like someone had lit a candle behind me. Or maybe even sprayed some exotic perfume. Except it wasn’t a candle or perfume. It was Mother Nature. It was my Jasmine plant. It was perfection. It transported me to somewhere tropical, relaxing in a garden filled with this sweet scent. Oh, the elusiveness of it all.



If you are thinking about adding plants to your decor, these would be my inexpert-gardener-decorator tips:

  1. Choose a plant that requires little maintenance.
  2. Choose a plant that needs less light to give you more flexibility with where you are able to place it.
  3. If you are unsure about the look of house plants, stick the plant toward the outer edges of your room and maybe not even in full view.
  4. Place the plants strategically throughout your house. Don’t overcrowd just one room with plants.
  5. If you have pets, research whether or not the plants are poisonous to the animals.
  6. Choose a plant you will enjoy. I truly love my Jasmine plant and the sweet scent it releases when it blooms. It makes all the watering and cutting truly worth it.

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