Where to Eat in Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City Beach

I was recently asked where we were headed next. My answer…No where! And I was excited about it! This weather is what Michiganders endure 6 months of winter for! It is finally going to be beach weather and we have some of the best beaches and beach towns (I may be a bit biased.) Okay, so I’m not exactly going to stay put. Truthfully, I am going to take every opportunity to hit up the lakeshore and road trip it up north. We just had our very own family tradition of our “unofficial first weekend of summer” in Traverse City. Here is where we ate:

Traverse City Blue Tractor restaurant

In town, we chose Blue Tractor. It was a few blocks off of the main drag but worth the walk. The atmosphere was kid-friendly, with a very cute kids menu. My kids lasted for over an hour for lunch here, which is actually saying quite a bit. Originally a saloon, the fare is traditional American and quite tasty.

Cherry Republic Traverse City Michigan

If you have time (or even if you don’t), I’d recommend that you meander downtown to pop into Cherry Republic to pick up some dark chocolate covered cherries or dried cherries or cherry salsa (you get the idea). You can even take care of all of your Christmas gifts right at the store. Or, you can wine taste. Or,  eat at the cafe in back or sample all of the wonderful offerings or let your kids burn off some energy in the cherry pit (I must admit that I was somewhat relieved that they had replaced the real cherry pits with red play balls). The possibilities are endless. 

Traverse City Mission Table

Traverse City Jolly Pumpkin

Out on Old Mission Peninsula, we almost always make a beeline for Mission Table or Jolly Pumpkin (they are on the same property). The food is delicious! For a more formal setting, gourmet food, and views of the west bay, Mission Table is the perfect culinary experience. With children and/or for a more casual woodsy setting, Jolly Pumpkin is your spot. 

Traverse City Boathouse restaurant

Traverse City Boathouse Sunset

We typically go to the Boathouse (also on Old Mission Peninsula) by ourselves, but eventually will invite our children along. Again, the view of the west bay are stunning. There is also a small sandy beach and docks to watch the boats coming in. The food is very nicely plated and tastes delicious. 

Traverse City Bonobo Winery

While on the peninsula, you might as well stop by Bonobo Winery to glimpse the vineyards and bay in the background. On a trip here last year, we showed up with 4 adults and 5 children and were immediately told it was absolutely fine. We sampled the wine and the kids played Scrabble (I think that maybe two of them could spell but they still had fun with this novel game). It was amazing. I am not typically a Chardonnay drinker, but theirs is definitely worth a try and a bottle for home.

All in all, a fabulous weekend! In fact, it was so great that I had to chase down our 4 year old across a public and then private beach (the kid is fast) because he didn’t want to leave. If you don’t already have Traverse City on your itinerary for the summer and/or autumn months, you definitely should add it. And here is a pin in case any/all of these restaurants sound like your cup of tea (or glass of Chardonnay).

Where to Eat in Traverse City


Island Travel Interviews- Indonesia, Take 1

Hello again! This week is exciting!!! We are going to a part of the world we haven’t visited yet… Indonesia! Thankfully, Chantell from Travel For Your Life and Rain from Words and Wanderlust are here to provide some insight and lovely pictures. Let begin our journey in Bali…

What Is Your Name and Blog Name/URL?

Chantell Glenville – www.TravelForYourLife.com

Which Island Will You Be Talking About and Why Did You Choose This Island?

Bali in Indonesia because it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve traveled a lot and been to a lot of islands (two years in Asia will do that!) but there was something about Bali that just stole my heart.

Island Travel Bali
Photo Credit- Travel For Your Life

How Many Days Would You Recommend Staying on This Island?

To allow enough time to see a variety of the different locations in Bali, and have some time to chill on the beach, I’d suggest at least 2 weeks. There’s a lot to do in Bali from climbing volcanoes, to white water rafting to surfing to scuba diving and more.

What Was Your Favorite Thing About/Memory From Your Travels to This Island?

The people and attitude is really what makes Bali for me. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the whole island has an extremely laid back feel to it.

My favourite days I’ve spent on Bali are definitely those where friends and I have just gone exploring. You have to drive a scooter to get anywhere in Bali so it’s really easy to go off at the last minute on an adventure and see something new.  

Island Travel Indonesia Bali
Photo Credit- Travel For Your Life

What Is Your “Can’t Miss” Activity on the Island? What activities/opportunities does this island provide?

My favourite thing to see in Bali is Water Blow in Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is the resort area of Bali but even if you have no interest in going to a resort it’s worth taking a trip there just to see Water Blow. It’s a rock formation where the water comes in from the sea and literally “blows” up in the air in these wonderful plumes of white water. It’s mesmerising to watch.

I’m also a massive fan of surfing and Bali is a surfer’s paradise. I’d definitely recommend not missing out on the waves while visiting. There’s surf for everyone from complete beginners to advanced level in Bali.

Best Restaurant/Place to Eat?

The local food in Bali is amazing and so cheap ($1.50 to $3 for a meal). I love the local dish called “Nasi Campur” which is where you’re given a bowl of rice and then get to pick from a variety of meat, veggies and tofu to go with it.

For western meals, you can’t beat the salad bar at Watercress in Seminyak.

What Surprised You About this Island?

It’s much more developed that a lot of the other islands I’ve been to in Asia. You can absolutely still get off the beaten track in Bali and get out into huge expanses of countryside however the fact that it’s more developed also means you have access to everything you could need. For me it’s the perfect balance of tropical beach life without feeling a little bit Robinson Crusoe stranded.

Island Travel Bali Indonesia
Photo Credit- Travel For Your Life

Any Travel Advice for those considering this island as a destination (e.g., where to stay, ease of getting there, how best to get around, language, money)?

Definitely try to learn how to drive a scooter first. It will make your life so much easier. The island is small so if you learn how to drive you don’t have to worry too much about where you decide to base yourself as it’s quick and easy to get between everywhere by bike.

Any time you walk down roads with market stalls you will get asked A LOT if you’d like to buy something or would like a taxi. Learning how to say “no, thank you” will make those journeys a much more pleasant experience. The short version of “No, thank you” in Indonesia is “Tidak, ma kasih” which is pronounced “TEE-dak, mah KAH-see”. There are a number of free apps that give good intros to Indonesia as well so if you want to take it a step further it’s well worth trying them out.

If my readers want to hear more about your island, do you have a link to your full article? 

Absolutely, you can read more in the “Where to go in Bali” section of my blog which has the route I’d suggest taking around the island and the key activities to do in each area. I’m also more than happy to answer any specific questions about the island in the comments below or via my email: hello@travelforyourlife.com


And now for Padar Island, Flores…

What Is Your Name and Blog Name/URL?

My name is Rain Campanilla, sole storyteller for Words and Wanderlust (www.wordsandwanderlust.com)

Which Island Will You Be Talking About and Why Did You Choose This Island?

Padar Island, Flores, Indonesia

I was born in an archipelago with more than 7000 islands. But I have not seen anything as photogenic and as arresting, in home country and anywhere else in the world, as Pulau Padar.

Island Travel Indonesia Flores
Photo Credit- Words and Wanderlust

How Many Days Would You Recommend Staying on This Island?

Padar belongs to a group of islands in Labuan Bajo, Flores Indonesia. Padar itself is small and uninhabited, so a day trip would do. But if wanting to explore more of Flores, 3 days to a week (or longer if you are keen for slow travel) would be good.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About/Memory From Your Trip to This Island?

The Ministry of Tourism in Indonesia invited me along with other travel influencers from all over Southeast Asia for an aptly named, Trip of Wonders, fam tour.

We scaled Padar very early one morning, on the last leg of our 12-day trip— a hell of an icing to one very smashing cake.

What Is Your “Can’t Miss” Activity on the Island? What activities/opportunities does this island provide?

Scale the summit.

Some, thinking that anywhere else in the island was already photogenic enough anyway, have made this costly mistake.

The view above is worth the heat, humidity, and the difficulty (steep with loose rocks) of the trail.

Upon descent, swim and snorkel in the surrounding waterscape.

Best Restaurant/Place to Eat?

There are a number of restaurants in the town centre of Labuan Bajo. But if you are looking for a million-dollar view over beer and food, Paradise Bar is the perfect place!

What Surprised You About this Island?

The island is very underrated, but is probably the best in Indonesia.

In fact, it was a struggle writing about the island because a part of me wanted to keep the secret to myself.

Any Travel Advice for those considering this island as a destination (e.g., where to stay, ease of getting there, how best to get around, language, money)?

Labuan Bajo (main town) is best reached by plane from Bali.

It is recommended that you’d bring enough cash. However, whenever you can, pay by card for big purchases (ie., accommodation, activities etc.) so you can save your cash for smaller expenses such as food and tips.

Book accommodations in advance as the island is small and the handful of accommodation options are peppered with long-stay guests (ie., scuba divers)

If my readers want to hear more about your island, do you have a link to your full article?

Yes. http://wordsandwanderlust.com/trip-wonders-labuan-bajo/

I don’t know about you, but the information and photos have me sold. Fortunately, I already pin all of my interviews on this Pinterest Board, and in case you would like to do the same, here you are….

Island Travel Indonesia Padar Bali
Photo Credit- Pixabay

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Where to Stay in Denver: Hotel Teatro

Hotel Teatro Denver Colorado

I cannot stay enough good things about Hotel Teatro. We usually go for the larger hotels (you know, the hotels with the massive Christmas trees in their lobbies in December) but will without a doubt stay at Hotel Teatro on all future trips to Denver. The staff was incredibly friendly, helpful, and professional while still providing a relaxed and calm environment. The location was also very convenient, especially if you plan to take advantage of Larimer Square’s decadent restaurant scene (which we did and you can read about here), walk to Union Station, head out to a Colorado Rockies game, or enjoy a performance at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. You can also walk to mostly mainstream shopping on the 16th Street Mall or boutiques in Larimer Square. But back to the hotel…

Hotel Teatro Denver Colorado

When entering the hotel, you walk up a slight incline to be greeted by a console table filled with wonderful old treasures and an old bike that must have seen fabulous rides around Denver. The design incorporates the old world charm of the original 1911 Denver Tramway Building as it has transformed into this beautiful hotel with modern amenities. 

Hotel Teatro Denver Colorado

To the right is the front desk and lobby. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I could have spent the entire trip in the lobby. I don’t even feel as though it should be referred to as a “lobby” because it felt more like I was lounging in someone’s very, very nice library, complete with a cafe and wooden Connect Four game.

Hotel Teatro Denver Colorado

There was so much to see on the floor to ceiling shelves without it feeling like an antique store. The furniture was stylish and comfortable. I did ask for the name of the designer who had created such a spectacular setting, and the hosts behind the desk readily answered my questions, showing equal enjoyment in our design discussion. (It was designed by Studio Frank, in case you were wondering 😉 .) Just look at those coffered ceilings!

Hotel Teatro Denver Colorado

To the right of the entrance was Nickel, a long restaurant complete with an outdoor space. Again, the service was incredible, not too stuffy, not too casual. The charcuterie that we ordered was almost too beautiful to eat. We did, however, manage to try the food, and, of course, it was delicious. My husband even asked for some olives and our server readily snuck some from the bar for him. I really cannot say enough good things about our experience with the staff at Nickel and Hotel Teatro.

Hotel Teatro Denver Colorado

Doors were always opened for us. The hotel provided a complimentary car service to take guests wherever they needed to be within a 2-mile radius. Bikes were also available and running routes suggested.

The rooms were cozy, clean, and comfortable. Ours came complete with a green velvet sofa and I noticed various colored sofas throughout the hotel, which was a fun touch. On our next visit to Denver, we will, without a doubt, stay at Hotel Teatro. Did I already mention that? But back to the lobby…

Hotel Teatro Denver Colorado

I highly recommend you keep this hotel in mind for the next time you visit Denver. Coincidentally, I have a pin for that.

Hotel Teatro Denver Colorado

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Island Travel Interviews- Caribbean, Take 5

Hi all! This week, I’ve decided to take us back to the Caribbean. I just can’t seem to stay away! This time, we’ll be visiting Curacao with Margarita from Downshifting PRO and St. Lucia with Christina and Adam from Our Sweet Adventures.

Since we are fresh off of the beautiful buildings in Hvar, Croatia, from a couple of weeks ago, let’s continue the trend with gorgeous Curacao. (If you missed the post on Hvar, you can catch up here.)

What is Your Name and Blog Name/URL?

Margarita Ibbott from DownshiftingPRO – FAMILY + TRAVEL + LIFE

Which Island Will You Be Talking About and Why Did You Choose This Island?

Curacao – Part of the ABC Caribbean Islands (Aruba, Bonair & Curacao). I was in Curacao in December and I was charmed by the beauty of the beaches. This was my first solo trip and I would recommend it highly as it was very safe.

How Many Days Would You Recommend Staying on This Island?
One week would be good but 10 days may be better if you want to switch resorts as I did. Well worth the packing and moving around!

What was Your Favorite Thing About/Memory From Your Trip to This Island?
My favourite part of the Island was Kenapa Grandi Beach. About a 60-75 minutes from Willemstad (the capital of Curacao), it is easy to get to and has amenities. It was beautiful, not crowed and pristine.

Caribbean Island Travel Curacao
Photo Credit- Margarita Ibbott @Downshifting PRO

What is Your “Can’t Miss” Activity on the Island? What activities/opportunities does this island provide?
You can do anything you want: sail, jetski, golf, go to clubs, dine out, go to museums. It has it all. That being said, I would not miss a photo tour of Willemstad. The colourful buildings and interesting architecture provides wonderful photo opps! I would not miss the Kura Hulanda Musem which features the history of slavery in the Caribbean.

Best Restaurant/Place to Eat?
My favourite restaurant was Jaanchi’s it is a local place off the beaten path but the owner is a character. Jaanchi gifts you with a souvenir (a small cloth pouch) and he asks you to buy a lottery ticket and send him a portion of the winnings- when you win of course! It was charming and funny but I think he was serious 😉

Photo Credit- Margarita Ibbot @Downshifting PRO

What Surprised You About this Island?
It’s size. It is very manageable and you can easily drive tip to tip in about 2 + hours but you are going to want to stop and take in some of the views, have so great food and lounge on a beach or two (or three).

Any Travel Advice for those considering this island as a destination (e.g., where to stay, ease of getting there, how best to get around, language, money)?

It is best to rent a car. Driving is very easy and safe and the roads are fairly good. Just download the Curacao Google map to your phone or tablet beforehand. You can get to different places fairly easily with a car. Why rent a car? Taxis have a monopoly on transportation (so no hotel shuttles to/from the airport) and they can be pricey!

I have two different stays to suggest: If you want a private, European-style of hotel stay at the more remote Papagayo Hotel and Beach Resort. It has a wonderful beach, great restaurant and is just lovely but out of the downtown area. If you want to stay right in town, I preferred the Renaissance Resort and Casino. Attached to the RIF Fort (an entertainment district located in an old fort), you have access to restaurants, bars, boutiques and daily entertainment is right beside the hotel. The breakfast buffet was to die for!

Although the currency is the Antilles Gilder, you can also pay with American dollars just about anywhere that you go. I also used my credit card easily and the exchange was reasonable. I did not bother converting to Gilders, I just tipped any service personnel in American dollars.

Photo Credit- Margarita Ibbott @Downshifting PRO

There were a few unique museums that I would strongly recommend: Kura Hulanda is an entire historical district that has been lovingly restored. It has a lovely hotel (that I would also recommend), a small restaurant area, and the Kura Hulanda Museum. It is a historical and cultural museum that documents the slave trade and its importance to Curacao. There are very interesting artifacts and it is curated magnificently.

I also had a quick visit to the oldest Synagogue in the northern hemisphere. The curator was a wonderful woman that showed me both the museums and the synagogue (the floor is sand, one of only a handful of synagogues that have this feature).

If my readers want to hear more about your island, do you have a link to your full article?

I have a series of posts. The links are within my answers to both the blog, YouTube videos and Trip Advisor reviews.


I have heard such wonderful things about St. Lucia but have never been. I’m excited to learn more about this fabulous island from Christina and Adam.

What is Your Name and Blog Name/URL?
Christina and Adam of Our Sweet Adventures

Which Island Will You Be Talking About and Why Did You Choose This Island?
Saint Lucia. We picked this island for our honeymoon because it had everything we wanted – seclusion, great beaches, lots of adventurous activities, and a low chance of getting hit by hurricanes (we went during hurricane season).

How Many Days Would You Recommend Staying on This Island?
At least 5 – 6 nights. Allotting for travel time/adjusting, one day of pure relaxation, and the rest for exploring.

Caribbean Island Travel St. Lucia
Photo Credit- Our Sweet Adventures

What Is Your Favorite Thing About/Memory From Your Trip to This Island?

There are too many to choose from! Hiking the Gros Piton was a favorite moment because we knocked off two things on our bucket list in one day. When we reached the top, not only did we have incredible views, but we hiked the highest point of the island and were as high as the clouds! Feeling the clouds touch our skins was an amazing feeling.

“Can’t Miss” Activity on the Island? What activities/opportunities does this island provide?

Definitely the mud bath at Sulphur Springs. Spreading mud on each other for our honeymoon was a lot of fun. Then we washed the mud off in the hot springs. When we got out we looked 12 years younger!
Other activities to do at Saint Lucia are:
Jungle Biking
Botanical Garden Tour
Zip lining through the jungle

Best Restaurant/Place to Eat?
We ate at Jade Mountain Club everyday because we had an all-inclusive program with the Jade Mountain Resort. The food was incredible and prepared by a James Beard Award winning chef. Some of our favorite dishes were: fresh ceviche, nutella french toast, seared scallops with coconut rice and Saint Lucian tiramisu.

Caribbean Island Travel St. Lucia
Photo Credit- Our Sweet Adventures

What Surprised You About this Island?
The locals would work all their life then retire to become a police officer or firefighter because there was very little crime and fire. In fact, we saw a police officer in uniform at a bar….drinking beer!

Caribbean Island Travel St. Lucia
Photo Credit- Our Sweet Adventures

Any Travel Advice for those considering this island as a destination (e.g., where to stay, ease of getting there, how best to get around, language, money)?

Definitely stay at a resort that is all-inclusive, offers transportation, and includes excursions in the package. This is an island for both relaxation and a lot of adventure. The common language is English. The currency used is Eastern Caribbean Dollar, but USD is readily accepted throughout the island. Credit cards are acceptable, but in more local areas it is best to bring cash just in case.

If my readers want to hear more about your island, do you have a link to your full article? 

Yes, of course! We would love to gain more readers and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us in the comments or contact page.


Many thanks to Downshifting PRO and Our Sweet Adventures!

Want to save this for later? Here is the pin…

Caribbean Island Travel
Photo Credit- Pixabay

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Travel Capsule- Spring Styles

I have been intrigued with the Capsule Wardrobe concept for some time. While not all the way there yet, I figured that a TRAVEL capsule wardrobe was a good place to begin. I was also thrilled to collaborate with local business, Lee and Birch. Store manager, Elizabeth, met with me and helped guide me in selecting 11 pieces that could be combined to create so many different outfit combinations. She was fabulous, as has been all of the staff when I have shopped there on previous occasions. If you are local, stop in. (They also have locations in Rockford, Michigan and Grand Haven, Michigan.) If you aren’t local, you can still check them out online at www.leeandbirch.com.

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Here are the pieces we chose and a bit about each outfit. Oh, and as a side note, there is a lot me in this post- sorry! Fortunately, one of my good friends was taking the photos, which was also handy and hilarious and included statements such as “that’s a fake smile- let’s do another one” and “here, wear my bracelet- you need a little sparkle.” ❤️ 

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

We decided on a tank for piece #1 of the capsule. Spring is unpredictable, but you do get those warm (sometimes even hot) days. I’m not that fun or spicy (as a flight attendance once called me- I’m the opposite), but this tank is just the right amount of fun for me. Elizabeth also recommended some cropped Paige jeans. The are great and do not stretch out, which is perfect for travel because, let’s face it, there isn’t ever a washer or dryer around when you need it. 

#1: Saturday, Please Stay Tank– https://leeandbirch.com/products/saturday-please-stay-tank

#2: Paige Jeans– https://leeandbirch.com/products/verdugo-crop-edie

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

This would actually be a great outfit for the plane too- just add a trendy jacket and you are good to go.

#3: Roper Jacket- In Store Exclusive (stop in or call for details)

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Or, if you want to be even more stylish, you could pair a white tee with this beautiful kimono. A white tee is a risk (that’s what Shout wipes are for) but also a staple in a Spring Capsule wardrobe. And this kimono…well…just look at it. 

Maybe the mornings are chilly and the afternoons warm up. Then, you can easily swap the jeans for these silky, soft, and stylish shorts. If I didn’t live in Michigan where it can rain on Monday, snow on Tuesday, and be in the 70’s by Saturday in the springtime, I would live in these shorts.

#4: White Tee– https://leeandbirch.com/collections/tops/T-Shirt

#5: Kimono- https://leeandbirch.com/products/monarch-carmen

#6: Ruffle Shorts– https://leeandbirch.com/products/ruffle-waist-short

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

If it’s a little chillier or you don’t trust yourself traveling with white, this shirt is another option to pair with the kimono. Not only does it pair well with the jeans and kimono but it is full of surprises, making it casual enough for site seeing but fun enough for dinner, too. The neckline and sleeve length make this shirt a classic choice. But then there are the slits up the side. They lay over each other but with movement, glide open, giving you the option to put a basic camisole underneath or perhaps something fancier or nothing at all if you are really trying to keep the capsule minimal. 

#7: Baseball Tee– https://leeandbirch.com/collections/tops/T-Shirt

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

While we are talking dinner, it’s always good to be prepared for a nicer night out. Herein comes this LBD. It is light enough that it is perfect for the spring and summer months (and won’t take up any room in the suitcase). Even if you aren’t going anywhere, you may want to check this one out.

#8: LBD- https://leeandbirch.com/collections/dresses-skirts/Dress 

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

What about going to museums or meeting friends for lunch? We have you covered there too. This dress is perfect and, as with most outfits, can be dressed up or down depending on shoe and jewelry choice. The bottom is a wrap. Before you count yourself out because wraps are usually a little irritating, there is a built in skirt/slip underneath, so you can move freely without constantly adjusting. Genius. You could also throw the jean jacket on (in the following picture) if it is cold or you are worried about the air conditioning (as I always am).

#9: Hester Dress- https://leeandbirch.com/products/hester-dress

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe


Planning to spend a day shopping or checking out art galleries? There is an ensemble for that too. This ruched skirt is very comfortable and easy to take a stroll in. Again, it can be paired with the White Tee from above and this jean jacket. Done and Done.

#10: Ruched Skirt- https://leeandbirch.com/products/ruched-skirt

#11Jean Jacket- https://leeandbirch.com/products/maddox-jacket-sunwashed

Many thanks to Lee and Birch for this collaboration! Here is a pin in case you feel like shopping later this week or passing the info along to husbands and children for Mother’s Day. 


Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

**This is not a sponsored post or ad. I am not receiving anything from Lee and Birch, aside from having a fun Wednesday and receiving guidance putting this capsule together. 


Where to Eat in Denver

I was recently able to check a box on my Bucket List (if you missed it, here is the complete-ish list) as we headed out to Colorado. My husband and I spent 4 days in this city with a beautiful backdrop of mountains. We spent all of our time in the city, although next time, I would like to head for the mountains just to try something new. My husband was able to join me for dinner a few nights, and it was wonderful. We actually had a conversation over dinner instead of wrestling kids back to the table. We did not have a bad meal… In fact, we had several downright delicious dinners. Warning: the majority of our favorite foods and shopping occurred in Larimer Square. It was only about 3 blocks from our hotel, but I would have walked miles if needed to get to this fabulous little corner of Denver. Colorful flags fly in the wind over the street while the sun casts square shadows on the warm pavement below and strings and strings of lights crisscross over the road. It really does feel magical. And the restaurants…

Where to Eat in Denver

Corridor 44- Corridor 44 is a restaurant in Larimer Square and the menu looks fabulous. We took advantage of the happy hour. The champagne cocktail list is impressive. It appeared as though many of the drinks were traditional but rather than add club soda, bubbly was substituted. Yes- you read that correctly.  I don’t even like champagne (yes, you read that correctly, too), but I loved this restaurant.

Dining and Drinking in DenverDining and Drinking in Denver

Cru- Well, we couldn’t go on a trip and not end up at chain, albeit a very quaint and fancy one with only four additional city locations… Sooooo… that doesn’t really count, right?! Regardless, the dinner was delicious and we enjoyed the small sitting area outside on the square. I would highly recommend the Scottish Salmon. We also shared a Shiraz flight that was fabulous.

Osteria Marco- Yes, another fantastic restaurant in the same square. When we walked in, I was immediately impressed with the tiled hostess station. Because it was rainy, we ate in the restaurant downstairs flanked by bottles and bottles of wine on all sides. The food was again amazing. Seriously, some of the best. You can choose from full meals, panini, and pizza.

Where to Eat in DenverWhere to Eat in Denver

Terminal Bar- We did leave Larimer Square one afternoon to check out Union Station. The building itself was incredibly impressive. It is a working train station complete with restaurants, benches, work tables, a book store, a flower stand, and a hotel. The scene is well worth checking out. We ate at the Terminal Bar and again were impressed. The craft beer selection in Denver is amazing and we had fun trying a couple new brews. (Side note: we are not wine snobs- not even close. However, when it comes to beer… we admittedly are. When you are from Beer City, USA, you tend to get spoiled with good beer without even knowing it. Denver crafters, you also do a nice job- we were impressed.)

Dining in Denver


Hotel Teatro- I cannot say enough good things about this hotel (and will say even more in a separate post, so stay tuned), but for now, I will stick to the food. We sat outside and had the most wonderful charcuterie while watching all of the people going home from work or going out to eat or doing whatever you do on a weekday at 5:30pm in Denver. Inside, the restaurant and bar are beautifully decorated. While we didn’t eat a meal at the Nickel (which is regrettable), I did pop inside to take a picture and noticed a delicious-looking Bloody Mary bar. Next time…

Where to Eat in Denver

Dining and Drinking in Denver

Want to save this for the next time you dine and drink in Denver? Here’s a pin 🙂

Where to Eat in Denver

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